CBD et prise de parole en publique

CBD and Public Speaking: A Solution Against Anxiety?

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Public speaking is often cited as one of the most common fears, even surpassing the fear of heights or insects for some people. Symptoms can range from mild nervousness to crippling anxiety. In this article, we will examine the potential of cannabidiol (CBD) as a tool to alleviate this anxiety.

1. Anxiety related to public speaking

Fear of public speaking is often associated with fear of judgment, failure, or simply the unknown. Symptoms can include heart palpitations, tremors, excessive sweating, and even nausea. From a neurobiological point of view, this fear can be attributed to hyperactivity of the amygdalar system , the region of the brain associated with the management of emotions, particularly fear 1 .

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2. CBD: Mechanisms of action on anxiety

CBD is one of several cannabinoids found in cannabis. Unlike THC, CBD does not have a psychotropic effect and does not cause a "high". Its anxiolytic action is due to its ability to modulate the activity of the endocannabinoid system , in particular via the CB1 and CB2 2 receptors.

Research also suggests that CBD may influence serotonin, a key neurotransmitter in the regulation of mood and anxiety 3 .

3. CBD and public speaking

Studies have been conducted to explore the effect of CBD on public speaking. In a 2017 study, participants who received a dose of CBD before a speaking exercise showed a significant reduction in anxiety and discomfort during their speech compared to those who received a placebo 4 .

It's also worth noting that CBD does not appear to have a sedative effect at these dosages, which could make it more appealing than benzodiazepines or other traditional anti-anxiety medications.

4. Considerations for Taking CBD Before Public Speaking

Although these results are promising, it is essential to consider the dose, method of administration and timing of intake. The effectiveness of CBD may vary among individuals, and it is recommended to experiment in advance to determine the best dose and timing.

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It provides a solid starting point for those interested in evaluating the effectiveness of CBD in managing their speaking anxiety. It is always recommended to start with a low dose and adjust as you feel, keeping in mind the previously mentioned guidelines regarding dosage and timing.

6. Conclusion

CBD offers interesting potential as a natural aid for those who find public speaking anxiety-provoking. Although more research is needed, current evidence suggests it could be a useful tool for improving confidence and reducing anxiety when speaking in public. It is essential to consult a healthcare professional before starting any CBD supplementation, particularly to ensure that there are no drug interactions.


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