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Maison Sativa

Orange Karma CBD - INDOOR - Maison Sativa

Orange Karma CBD - INDOOR - Maison Sativa

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Discover Orange Karma CBD flower, an exquisite strain that transports you into a unique sensory experience.

The generous and compact sized buds, decorated with magnificent pronounced orange pistils, are a real treat for the eyes.

The subtle aromas of Orange Karma reveal a deliciously sweet sweetness, with citrus notes that awaken the senses. But that's not all ! When you consume it, this flower offers an explosion of flavors that delights the taste buds and leaves you with an unforgettable taste in your mouth.

When it comes to effects, Orange Karma does not disappoint. It provides extraordinary relaxation, making it an ideal choice for early evening consumption, allowing you to fully unwind. Let yourself be carried away by its gentle soothing influence, ready to envelop you in serenity.

At Maison Sativa, we are committed to the quality and health of our consumers. This is why our Orange Karma flower was grown indoors, without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides, thus preserving the natural purity of the plant and guaranteeing a high quality product.

To preserve the benefits and exceptional aromas of our flowers, we carefully package them in pharmaceutical glass jars. This approach allows us to preserve the freshness and integrity of each bud, while reducing our ecological footprint.

Trust Maison Sativa and treat yourself to an exceptional CBD experience with Orange Karma CBD flower. Immerse yourself in deep relaxation, savor its captivating flavors and enjoy the benefits of a culture that respects your health and our environment.

THC level less than 0.3% in compliance with legislation.


At Maison Sativa we are committed to respecting the environment. We have decided to ban plastic bags, which are a major polluter of the oceans, and have chosen to turn to (recycled) pharmaceutical glass pots which help preserve the freshness and quality of your flowers.

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