Quel CBD pour perdre du poids ? Maison Sativa

Which CBD to lose weight? House Sativa

At the heart of recent discussions around well-being and natural products, CBD has stood out as a molecule with enormous potential for health. But can it really be used as a tool to aid weight loss?

Before continuing, it should be noted that CBD, cannabidiol , refers to the molecule produced by the hemp flower. There are not several forms, however there are many ways to consume CBD, through oils or infusions for example.

How could CBD influence weight loss?

CBD and the reduction of anxiety: a brake on snacking

CBD is widely recognized for its anxiolytic properties . Anxiety is one of the main reasons many people snack between meals, often towards foods high in calories and sugar. This habit can lead to weight gain in the long term.

Scientific studies have shown that CBD can have a significant impact on reducing anxiety symptoms. By targeting the endocannabinoid system, CBD can help regulate mood and reduce feelings of stress or worry, thereby decreasing the likelihood of giving in to impulsive snacking urges.

For those who struggle with snacking cravings due to anxiety, taking CBD in oil form around the time of snacking cravings could be a beneficial strategy.


woman making a CBD infusion to reduce her anxiety

Appetite modulation

Unlike THC, which can increase appetite, CBD could regulate and reduce appetite. According to a study published in PLOS ONE , CBD may influence our endocannabinoid system in a way that limits sudden food cravings.

Promotion of “good” fat

CBD might help convert white fat (bad fat) into brown fat (good fat). A study in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry showed that CBD can stimulate the genes and proteins that promote this conversion, making it easier to burn calories.

The Best CBD Products to Support Your Weight Loss Journey

At Maison Sativa, we understand the importance of a quality CBD product. Here are our specific recommendations:

Our organic CBD oils

Our oils are produced with care, ensuring a product of the highest quality. They are perfect for integrating CBD into your daily routine and supporting your weight loss journey.

Organic CBD oil

DETOX and WELL-BEING infusion

Ideal for combating snacking cravings, our infusions are the perfect addition to any weight loss routine. Rich in antioxidants and with the power of CBD, they are perfect for helping you stay on track.

WELL-BEING infusion, ideal to combat snacking

In conclusion

Science continues to study CBD's weight loss potential. But with current studies showing promising results, CBD might just be a valuable addition to your wellness routine.

Feel free to browse our site to learn more about our products and how they can help you on your weight loss journey.


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