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Exclusivity and Innovation: The Signature of Maison Sativa

Maison Sativa , synonymous with excellence and innovation, is proud to present its exclusive collection: "USA GENETICS - CALI" . In partnership with leading Californian breeders, this line embodies the pinnacle of CBD genetics, offering some of the best strains in the world .

Innovation and Excellence: The Essence of Californian CBD at Maison Sativa

Californian Know-How: A World Reference in CBD

At Maison Sativa , we are proud to collaborate with Californian CBD experts, integrating their unrivaled know-how into our productions. Our USA GENETICS series is the result of this synergy, offering premium CBD flowers with powerful effects and a distinctly Californian character.

petit plan de chanvre CBD cultivé dans un sol riche en vermiculite

Optimized Substrate and Environment for Exceptional CBD

We use a substrate specially recommended by our Californian breeder partners, a soil enriched with vermiculite, optimal for the development of trichomes.

Ferme verticale de chanvre CBD

Advanced Techniques for High Quality CBD

To guarantee the best quality of our CBD flowers, we adopt Californian cultivation techniques , recognized for their efficiency and innovation. Each flower in our USA GENETICS collection is grown indoors under full-spectrum LED panels, reflecting the high standards of California CBD.

Organic Farming at Maison Sativa

At Maison Sativa we make the exclusive choice to use fertilizers compatible with organic farming , made from fish and marine algae . These natural ingredients are essential to supporting the healthy growth of our hemp plants.

For example, we use guano , a natural fertilizer recognized for its exceptional properties, particularly beneficial for hemp. This ecological and environmentally friendly approach ensures that our products are not only high quality but also grown in a responsible and sustainable manner.

dessin d'une bouteille de CO2

Innovative Hemp Cultivation: Maximizing Potential with CO2

As part of our commitment to sustainable and efficient hemp cultivation , we have focused our efforts on one key element: CO2 intake . Cannabis, in addition to its ability to tolerate very high light intensities , is distinguished by its exceptional ability to capture gigantic quantities of CO2 .

This characteristic encouraged us to improve not only the quality of our lighting but also that of the surrounding atmosphere, by increasing the CO2 level . This innovative approach allows our hemp plants to develop larger flowers , grow more vigorously and significantly increase yield .

The Art of Curing: A Quest for Perfection

For our USA GENETICS series, we have given nature the time it needs to fully express its potential. Curing is a step similar to that of the aging phase of a wine, allowing it to reveal its aromas. Hemp curing is only carried out in glass jars. This step requires specific temperature and humidity conditions, all in near darkness. At the start of this phase, the pots are opened regularly, two to three times a day for around ten minutes, to allow residual humidity to escape. Gradually, we reduce the frequency to end with only two openings during the third month. The end of curing is a fabulous stage during which each genetic reveals its aromatic profile to us. Our flowers are then finally ready to be packaged in our amber glass pots, in order to preserve their aromas and benefits.

Commitment to a Californian CBD at the Cutting Edge of Technology

Our dedication to quality and innovation is summed up in our motto for the USA GENETICS series: "Sky is the limit" . This reflects our commitment to offering world-class CBD flower, with the essence and sophistication of California craftsmanship.