Join the Maison Sativa family by opening your franchise!

Dear fans of the benefits of hemp and defenders of organic hemp products, we have excellent news to announce to you! Maison Sativa, your reference for premium CBD products, opens its doors to franchising. If you are passionate about hemp, enjoy contact with customers and want to share your knowledge, this opportunity is for you. Find out how to become a Maison Sativa franchisee and benefit from an elegant and refined setting to offer exceptional products.

Passionate about the benefits of CBD hemp:

At Maison Sativa, we are firmly convinced of the benefits of hemp. We are looking for people who share this passion and want to contribute to the expansion of this thriving industry . If you firmly believe in the therapeutic and relaxing properties of CBD, you are exactly the person we are looking for. Join us to promote and defend light cannabis products, highlighting their natural properties and their contribution to well-being.

Enjoy contact and pass on your knowledge about hemp:

At Maison Sativa, we consider our customers like family. We are looking for franchisees who enjoy human contact, who listen to customers' needs and concerns, and who are ready to provide them with personalized advice. If you have the desire to share your expertise on CBD products, to inform customers about their different uses and benefits, then you are the ideal candidate to become a Maison Sativa franchisee.

An exceptional experience with our high-quality CBD products

At Maison Sativa, all our CBD flowers are grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides to guarantee the best quality for all our customers. Likewise, our oils are produced using the so-called supercritical CO2 method in order to produce oils of high purity without solvents harmful to health.

fleurs de CBD OG KUSH conditionnées en pot en verre pharmaceutique recyclé pour préserver les arômes et les bienfaits des fleurs.

Environmentally friendly packaging:

In addition to preserving the cannabinoids and terpenes of our CBD flowers, our pharmaceutical glass jars are 100% recyclable. At Maison Sativa we are convinced that it is fundamental to preserve our planet by opting for eco-responsible packaging methods. All of our jars are returnable, which allows our customers to bring them back to us in exchange for a discount on their next purchase. Our pots are then cleaned and sterilized and set off for a new life.

A turnkey store for your success:

When you join the Maison Sativa franchise, we offer you much more than just an opportunity. You will benefit from a turnkey store, designed with an elegant and refined setting. Our refined aesthetic and welcoming atmosphere make our stores a place of discovery and relaxation for our customers. By opening your Maison Sativa franchise, you will benefit from an environment that will showcase our high-end products and promote an exceptional customer experience.

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In-depth training on hemp provided by our pharmacist:

At Maison Sativa we want to provide clear information to all our customers. Many people have questions about CBD. A few days of training will be provided to you by our pharmacist who will explain the mechanisms of action of CBD allowing you to answer the questions of your future customers.

How to join us?

If you are ready to embark on this exciting journey and open your own Maison Sativa franchise, the process is simple. Simply contact us using the contact form available on our website. Our dedicated team will support you throughout the process, providing you with the necessary information and answering all your questions.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to join the Maison Sativa family and participate in the expansion of a brand recognized for the quality of its CBD products. As a Maison Sativa franchisee, you will benefit from an elegant and refined setting, conducive to showcasing the superior quality products that we offer. If you are passionate about the benefits of hemp, like contact and want to share your knowledge about CBD while defending products from organic farming, Maison Sativa offers you an exceptional opportunity. Join us today and become a trusted ambassador, providing your customers with a unique experience and the highest quality products. Contact us now to start your journey to success as a Maison Sativa franchisee.