lutter contre les insomnies avec le CBD (cannabidiol)

Fight insomnia with CBD.

CBD helps fight sleep disorders


Insomnia is a complex pathology which combines a psychological component and a neurobiological component. This is dissatisfaction with the quantity or quality of sleep associated with at least one of these symptoms: difficulty falling asleep (at least 30 minutes), nocturnal awakenings, waking up too early or inability to go back to sleep. Chronic insomnia is characterized by occurring at least 3 nights per week and for at least 3 months.

We find in these people a degraded quality of life with drowsiness, irritability, difficulty concentrating, etc.

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On a molecular level, no neurotransmitter or endogenous molecule seems specifically responsible for the pathophysiology of insomnia. Some studies have highlighted the role of the GABAergic, serotonergic, and cortisol systems , but none are specifically and isolatedly involved in insomnia. Insomnia therefore appears to be a multifactorial pathology. The study of insomnia is also difficult due to the absence of an animal model.

Action of CBD against insomnia

In a study published in 2013, the effect of acute systemic administration of cannabidiol on the sleep-wake cycle was investigated in rats. They randomly administered 2.5 mg/kg, 10 mg/kg, 40 mg/kg of CBD or a placebo to rats. Total sleep percentage increased significantly in the 10 and 40mg/kg CBD groups compared to the placebo group. Sleep latency decreased in the group treated with 10 mg/kg of CBD, but increased in the group given 40 mg/kg. (164)

A recent study explored the effect of CBD in anxiety and sleep. Sleep scores improved within the first month in 67% of patients , but fluctuated over time. (165)

In addition, sleep disorders are often linked to anxiety disorders, CBD also has anxiolytic properties.

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CBD (cannabidiol) oil CBN (cannabinol) organic homemade sativa satisom to fight against sleep disorders, insomnia and nocturnal awakenings

Specially developed to combat sleep disorders (difficulty falling asleep, waking up at night), our Satisom CBD oil has been designed with the greatest care from flowers selected for their richness in phytocannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN, etc.). .) but also terpenes including Linalool . Satisom does not cause addiction or dependence.

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