Le top 3 des meilleures fleurs de CBD pour retrouver le sommeil - MAISON SATIVA

The top 3 best CBD flowers for getting back to sleep - MAISON SATIVA

Sleep disorders represent one of the most frequently encountered disorders in the French population. Contrary to popular belief, it is not only the elderly who suffer from it. Nearly one in five young people under 30 suffer from sleep problems. Whether it's difficulty falling asleep, waking up at night or both, nights are sometimes complicated for many of you.

At Maison Sativa, we have selected the best varieties to help you get quality sleep , here are our top 3.

1. Gorilla Glue CBD from Maison Sativa

Gorilla Glue from Maison Sativa is a CBD flower that helps you get back to sleep

Gorilla Glue from Maison Sativa is one of our best CBD flowers. In addition to its remarkable scent, its effects are powerful and will help you fall asleep quickly. It is in particular thanks to its incredible richness in limonene , which is a terpene with powerful anxiolytic effects, that it allows you to enjoy calm and restful nights.

We recommend it to both insiders and beginners who will be able to get a more precise idea of ​​what CBD can bring them… gorilla glue, a CBD flower with powerful effects allowing you to get back to sleep

2. Mimosa CBD from Maison sativa

Mimosa CBD, a high-end CBD flower from sativa house It is also thanks to its great richness in Limonene that Mimosa allows you to achieve the level of relaxation necessary to fall asleep quickly. In addition to helping you get back to sleep, Mimosa is a high-end flower with incredible aromas. We recommend it to enthusiasts and amateurs who are as interested in taste as in effects.

Mimosa from Maison Sativa is one of the best CBD flowers on the market.

mimosa CBD flowers from Maison Sativa to rediscover quality nights

3. OG Kush CBD from Chez Maison Sativa

Og kush CBD from Maison Sativa, a CBD flower to improve falling asleep and sleeping

OG Kush is an earthy flower topped with citrus notes, it is ideal for 3 reasons: its taste, its effects on sleep and its price!!

In fact, we offer it to you at 3.90 euros/gram from 10 grams purchased, or 39 euros per 10g pot. Never seen before for such a mythical flower of this quality! Og Kush Cbd from home sativa a mythical flower at an unbeatable price

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