Pourquoi choisir l'Huile de Fleurs de Chanvre plutôt que le CBD pur? Maison Sativa

Why choose Hemp Flower Oil over pure CBD? House Sativa

At Maison Sativa, we are passionate about nature, and especially the unsuspected riches it offers. This is precisely the case with hemp, a plant with multiple virtues which has often been reduced to one of its components: CBD. However, hemp is much more than that.

The richness of a hemp flower

Although CBD has gained worldwide fame for its numerous health benefits, it is far from being the only active ingredient produced by the hemp flower. Indeed, the latter is full of active ingredients, each as beneficial as the other. In addition to CBD , hemp flower produces CBN (cannabinol), CBG (cannabigerol), CBC (cannabichromene) and many other compounds.

cannabis cannabinoids

And what about terpenes , these aromatic molecules which, in addition to giving the plant its characteristic smell, have a multitude of benefits for our well-being?

cannabis terpenes

Full Spectrum Oils: A Symphony of Benefits

At Maison Sativa, we know the importance of all of its molecules. This means that our oils contain all the active ingredients of the hemp flower, working together in perfect harmony. Rather than focusing on just one, we focus on the synergy of all. Thus, our oils are designed to specifically target certain disorders:

  • For pain, Antaliva is an oil combining CBD, myrcene and beta caryophyllene which provides a complete and effective response in the management of pain.

  • Faced with anxiety, our Anxiva oil enriched with CBD and linalool allows for calm management without the risk of drowsiness.

  • For restful sleep, Satisom , our formulation rich in CBD, CBN and linalool makes it easier to fall asleep and limits nighttime awakenings.

Each of our specialized oils, while highlighting specific molecules of interest, contains all of the active ingredients of hemp, faithfully reflecting the composition of our flowers . Only THC is eliminated, in accordance with regulations, thus guaranteeing the absence of psychotropic effects. To ensure the safety and conformity of our products, each batch of oil is scrupulously tested in the laboratory, confirming a THC level of less than 0.3% before being marketed.

A global approach for authentic well-being

It would therefore be simplistic to only talk about CBD when talking about the benefits of hemp. It is a set of molecules which, in harmony, helps to improve pain, anxiety and sleep. At Maison Sativa, we therefore prefer to talk about hemp flower oil to reflect this richness and diversity, and to remember that behind each drop of oil, the full power of a flower is expressed.

Discover this natural symphony with us, and let yourself be carried away by the authentic well-being that only nature, in its entirety, can offer. 🌿

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