classement des meilleures fleurs de CBD aux effets puissants

Top 5 of the best CBD flowers with the most powerful effects | House Sativa

At the start of 2023, Maison Sativa offers you a top 5 of its best varieties of CBD flowers.

The selection criteria are based on the morphology of the flowers (size, density, color...), the perfume , the aromas when tasting and of course... the effects !

At Maison Sativa, the selection criteria for CBD flowers are extremely strict because we only want to offer you high quality flowers, pleasant both to look at and to consume.

Let's start the ranking!

5. The OG Kush CBD flower

high quality CBD flowers OG Kush, legal light cannabis, with powerful effects from Maison Sativa in Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, 50100.

light cannabis CBD OG Kush with powerful effects ideal for sleep

OG Kush is a medium-sized, compact flower with an intense, deep green color. When we examine it in detail under the microscope we discover its spectacular richness in trichomes, small vesicles allowing the flower to develop its aromatic molecules and cannabinoids including CBD and THC. (As a reminder, all our legal cannabis flowers have a THC level of less than 0.3%)

Its trichomes loaded with terpenes, like pinene , give this OG Kush a woody, slightly earthy scent but immediately offset by the presence of Limonene giving it a smell of spring undergrowth.

In terms of flavor, when tasting, our OG Kush keeps its promises, it is neither too strong nor too weak in taste and brings a pleasant moment to those who consume it.

It is thanks to its effects that our OG Kush was able to gain its 5th place in the ranking. OG Kush is a calming flower, ideal for unwinding after a day of work and preparing for sleep . If you want to get back to quality nights without sacrificing pleasure, this CBD flower is made for you.

As if that weren't enough, our OG Kush has one last strong point... its price, simply unbeatable! For 10 grams purchased, the price per gram increases to 3.90 euros, or 39 euros per 10 grams. An unbeatable price for a flower of this standing.

4. East WOOD CBD Flower from Maison Sativa

very high quality legal cannabis East Wood from Maison Sativa

legal cannabis flowers CBD East Wood from Maison sativa in Cherbourg

The East Wood is a magnificent flower of very large size, this comes from the fact that we have chosen to only keep for our selection flowers from the top of the CBD plants (the smallest flowers have been kept to make our infusions based on CBD). The flowers at the top are those that received the most light and therefore developed a greater quantity of molecules like CBD and terpenes .

Color-wise, its green is rather light, sometimes slightly khaki, contrasted by its numerous bright orange pistils. It is a superb flower to contemplate.

Fragrance-wise, our East Wood is striking! It gives off a scent of freshness slightly dominated by citrus notes. East Wood is a CBD flower that knows how to seduce with its scent and those who have a nose will not go wrong in choosing this wonder.

The aromas are stunning, East Wood is one of those flowers that deserve to be tested at least once. In addition to retaining its citrus notes, it offers a slightly minty sensation at the end of the mouth. This makes it very pleasant to consume, even for the uninitiated.

Concerning the effects, East Wood is an ultra soothing flower, it helps dissipate anxiety in a few minutes. It is an ideal flower to take a moment of break during the day.

3. Gorilla Glue CBD from Maison Sativa

Gorilla Glue CBD flower from Maison Sativa

CBD flower with powerful effects from home sativa

Gorilla Glue from Maison Sativa is a remarkable flower of very large size. Its color varies from light green to brown with taupe accents, its orange pistils stand out perfectly and the whole forms a harmonious whole, in pastel colors.

For this flower, we focused on its curing, thus allowing it to develop its aromas and fragrance . The result lived up to our expectations, in fact Gorilla Glue develops subtly lemony and slightly woody notes which are the characteristics of large hemp flowers.

In terms of taste, Gorilla Glue from Maison Sativa is a robust flower, the aromas unfold on the palate and leave a pleasantly fruity sensation at the end of the mouth.

If Gorilla Glue climbs to third place on the podium it is thanks to its effects. Despite its surprisingly low CBD content, it is our most powerful flower. The fault is its perfectly balanced terpene profile which allows the famous entourage effects to do their job, making CBD perfectly bio-available within our body. Gorilla Glue CBD is a flower that we recommend for sleep , in fact many of our customers have adopted it as an evening routine to regain quality nights and fight against insomnia .

If you are looking to improve your nights, look no further, Gorilla Glue is for you!

2. Guava Ice from Maison Sativa

Guava Ice CBD flower from Maison Sativa

Guava Ice CBD flower from Maison Sativa in Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, 50100

Guava Ice is one of the exceptional flowers. It is a large flower, with shades ranging from dark green to purple. It is a CBD flower that is sublime to look at, worthy of the greatest varieties grown in the United States.

Its scent is deliciously fruity with notes of passion fruit. It is a flower that never leaves you indifferent as the richness of its fragrance is great.

Upon tasting, Guava Ice turns out to be one of the best CBD flowers we have ever tested. Rare are CBD flowers that retain their aromas so much at the time of consumption. It is thanks to its incredible fragrance that it has worthily risen to second place in our ranking.

Guava Ice could have had a first place, but its ultra-energizing effects gave some people sleepless nights! We prefer to mention, Guava Ice is not an evening flower, which can be frustrating for many consumers who are looking for a flower to relax in the early evening. This is a flower that should be reserved for the day, for those who want to relax while remaining focused.

1. Mimosa CBD from Maison Sativa

10 gram pot of mimosa CBD flowers from Maison Sativa

mimosa CBD flower from Maison Sativa, powerful effects

And here is the winner! The Mimosa is a magnificent, compact flower, of a magnificent light green against which numerous orange pistils stand out which generously cover it.

Its scent is flawless, neither too grassy, ​​nor too fruity, nor too tangy. It is a perfect balance between these three scents which make it the CBD flower most appreciated by connoisseurs.

Tasting is a moment of pure delight, it unfolds lemon aromas in the mouth contrasting with more woody notes giving it remarkable depth. It is a flower that surprises with the richness of its aromas, it deserves to be tasted in peace, taking the time to appreciate its nuances.

Its effects are captivating as it brings a gentle sensation of relaxation without ever clouding the mind. It is an ideal flower that can be consumed at any time of the day, whether to take a break or to prepare for bed, Mimosa is capable of performing wonders.

It is by meeting all these criteria that Mimosa was able to gain first place in this 2023 ranking, and it is not ready to lose it!

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