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Maison Sativa

Odacity - INDOOR CBD FLOWER - Maison Sativa

Odacity - INDOOR CBD FLOWER - Maison Sativa

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Maison Sativa is proud to present one of its most exceptional CBD flowers, ODACITY .

Rich in CBG : ODACITY stands out for its richness in CBG (cannabigerol). CBG is often called "the parent" of cannabinoids for its ability to transform into other cannabinoids. Known for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and neuroprotective properties, CBG is also studied for its potential to help combat many ailments, providing a perfect complement to CBD.

Visual description : At first glance, the ODACITY will seduce you with its light green color, which evokes purity and freshness. Dotted with beautiful, vibrant orange pistils, this flower is not only a delight for the senses, but also a true work of nature art.

Aromatic profile : Inhaling deeply, let yourself be invaded by its herbaceous scent. This natural bouquet is punctuated with sweet notes tinged with diesel flavors.

Rich in CBN : In addition to CBD and CBG, ODACITY also has a notable concentration of CBN (cannabinol). CBN is often associated with its sedative properties, making this flower a potential ally for those looking to improve the quality of their sleep.

Discover the power of nature and the expertise of Maison Sativa by integrating ODACITY into your daily routine. A CBD flower that not only promises relaxation and well-being, but also an invitation to travel through its unique flavors and aromas.


At Maison Sativa we are committed to respecting the environment. We have decided to ban plastic bags, which are a major polluter of the oceans, and have chosen to turn to (recycled) pharmaceutical glass pots which help preserve the freshness and quality of your flowers.

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