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Maison Sativa

Wax CBD 60% Full Spectrum: Pure Excellence | House Sativa

Wax CBD 60% Full Spectrum: Pure Excellence | House Sativa

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Discover our 60% CBD wax concentrate, a superior quality innovation for all CBD lovers and connoisseurs.

Quality Production: BHO

Butane extraction (BHO) allows us to obtain an ultra-purified concentrate, thus preserving all the essence and benefits of the plant. This is the preferred method to guarantee optimal CBD concentration.

Wax produced in BHO

Rich in Natural Terpenes

Our CBD wax does not just offer a high concentration of CBD. It is also rich in terpenes, such as linalool , myrcene , nerolidol and beta caryophyllene . These natural compounds contribute to the entourage effect , amplifying the benefits of CBD.

A Powerful Anxyolitic Experience

Are you looking for a deep relaxing effect? Our CBD wax is recognized for its powerful anxyolytic properties, allowing intense relaxation and a notable reduction in stress.

Relief and Comfort

With its analgesic potential, our concentrate offers effective relief against pain, allowing you to regain comfort and serenity.

Improved Sleep

The quality of your sleep is essential for your overall well-being. By incorporating our CBD wax into your nighttime routine, you will promote deeper, more restful sleep.

Cultivated with Respect for Nature

We are proud to produce our CBD wax from our own flowers, grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. This ensures a product of unrivaled purity, free from contaminants, to give you the best possible experience.

Why Choose Our 60% CBD Wax?

Choosing our CBD wax means choosing quality, potency and purity. Let yourself be tempted by an experience rich in sensations and benefits, and create a unique bond with respected and cherished nature.

Don't wait any longer, and treat yourself to the best of CBD with our full spectrum wax concentrate. A true sensory journey awaits you.


At Maison Sativa we are committed to respecting the environment. We have decided to ban plastic bags, which are a major polluter of the oceans, and to turn to pharmaceutical glass pots (recycled) which help preserve the freshness and quality of your flowers.


Free delivery in France for all our flowers , oils & infusions from 50 euros of purchase.

The buyer is delivered to his home by his postman. If the buyer is absent, he will receive a delivery notice from his postman, which allows him to collect the products ordered from the nearest post office, during a period indicated by the postal services. The risks associated with transport are the responsibility of the purchaser from the moment the items leave the premises of the Maison Sativa company. The buyer is required to check, in the presence of the Post Office employee or the delivery person, the condition of the packaging of the goods and its
content on delivery.

In the event of damage during transport, any protest must be made to the carrier within three days of delivery.


Under article L121-20 of the Consumer Code, the buyer has a period of fourteen working days from delivery of their order to exercise their right of withdrawal and thus return the product to the seller for exchange or refund without penalty, except return costs.

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Maison Sativa's premium CBD WAX is recognized for its excellent value for money. Beyond its affordable cost, it stands out for its versatility and ease of use. There are several methods to take full advantage of this premium WAX:

1. Use with a dab or your vaporizer:

Like most extraction products, Maison Sativa's premium CBD WAX is ideal for consumption via a dab. It is not only the safest, but also the most effective method to enjoy its benefits. By using this method, you are guaranteed to benefit from the purity of the product while preserving its delicate aromas. Thanks to its packaging in a syringe, its use is even easier.

2. Oral consumption:

Premium WAX is not limited to traditional use. It fits perfectly into your culinary preparations. Compatible with fats such as butter and oil, it can be mixed into your dishes to give them a unique touch. Whether by integrating it directly when cooking or using it for an infusion, you will discover a new taste dimension while enjoying the relaxing benefits of CBD.

3. Consumption with a pre-roll:

For those who enjoy the traditional pre-roll experience, Maison Sativa's premium CBD WAX offers an added dimension. You have the option of delicately depositing the WAX ​​directly inside your CBD pre-roll or applying a thin layer to the paper. This method of application intensifies the effects of CBD, providing rapid relief from anxiety and some pain. However, it is essential to remember that smoking can be dangerous for your health.

At Maison Sativa, we favor and encourage the use of vaporization tools in order to limit the risks associated with combustion. This alternative is not only healthier, but it also preserves the delicate aromas and beneficial properties of premium CBD WAX.